Thursday, July 15, 2010


These two lovebirds are my Gramma and Grampa Shadbolt, my dad's parents!  We recently returned from their 60th anniversary party and it was awesome.  I have to say, you gain a whole new appreciation for your grandparents when you are older.  Now that I have my own kids, you see that most of their relationship is really all fun and games.  Most of the time the grandparents are taking kids on adventures, playing a game, reading a book or just listening to the kids tell a long-winded non-sensical story.  As you get older, you realize that your grandparents are "real" people who have had real experiences and listening to my Gramps tell stories about his mom helping others and how you just have to help young people who are struggling, was well, simply heart warming!  It showed me a whole new side of him and one that I think is remarkable.  Here he is below with Devin - two peas in a pod, those blockheads are.

Gramma has always been a great inspiration to me.  I'm not sure how old I was exactly, but it was over 30 years ago now when she had her stroke.  Her entire right hand side was, still is, paralyzed.  Imagining what possibly could have happened after such a health crisis, you can't help but be impressed with this women.  When she visited Ottawa about 10 years ago, she not only conquered the downtown area, including parliament buildings and the market, but also our 3 flights of stairs as we had no elevator.  What a trooper!  And it's not just my Gramma that is inspiring, because you have to realize how much having a stroke changed all the life plans and dreams of not only my Gramma, but also my Grampa.  To see them together over 30 years later and still smooching and grabbing each other's butts, well it was wonderful!    Here she is below with Jasmine in her beautiful yard that she maintains so well.

Happy Anniversary you two!  We loved seeing you, we love that you held a celebration to catch up with all your friends and family and we love that you are so inspirational to other around you, including us!  Thanks for being great grandparents! 


bamemories said...

Happy Anniversary you two! That's just awesome that you have such a close knit family, Laura. You're kids are truly blessed to grow up with those role models!

Anonymous said...

Great to know you had a great time. May your inspiration help you through the tough times of your own :)