Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's the girl's turn! Jasmine and Samantha.

As soon as Jasmine arrived in Samantha's bedroom, the two were almost inseperable. They must have played in there for an hour and my sister actually started to miss her little girl because she wasn't used to so much downtime with her being kept busy by others. (She'll get over that feeling, very quickly... at least, I did). Jasmine taught Sam all sorts of new games and ideas and Sam took to them all easily as they are very much the same... not only both tiny, but smart, creative and imaginative as well. Below you will see them posing in many shots, as well as getting their toenails painted by Gramma Shadbolt, hanging upside down at gymnastics (Jasmine actually tried hanging from her knees at one point, but we found out that wasn't allowed - oops), playing bingo, dancing their Irish jigs and sporting their green pride and more. I'm not sure who will miss Jasmine more, Samantha... or her mom, ha, ha!

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