Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Group Shots!

What a cute family! Seriously, could these kids BE any cuter? Just picture Chandler from Friends saying that. My mom bought all the grandkids matching shirts in Belize, so here are 2/3 of the kids in their new shirts. The second picture is my favorite, Uncle Jamie was making the kids bust a gut in laughter, priceless moment caught on camera. After that you will see pictures of the kids posing on the bouncer; it was the only time they were still on that thing. Then we've got St. Patty's day celebration pictures, all dressed up like leprechauns to find the hidden treasure. Zoo and park pictures follow that with the last one being taken out in a field while on a geocache hunt! Even though kids were coughing and snotting like crazy, we still managed to fill our week with lots of fun - great troopers!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Three things:
1.The matching shirts are too cute!
2. I do need to know what Uncle James said.
3.Deanna I have to comment on your zebra coat - very stylish, and you fit right in at the zoo! I just have to make fun, because I could never be cool enough to wear a zebra coat.
Oh wait 4 things - Gramma Roney is smiling down on all those Irish Great Grandchildren Leprechauns!
Love Leslie