Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, Valentine's Day. We had a very nice Valentine's. Jay and I started off by sleeping in until 8:30 - love it! I left bowls of cereal out for the kids and made sure the TV was tuned into a kid station; can't beat that for a present. Above you can see the kids sucking on one of their Valentine treats - I thought they were too funny and couldn't resist buying them. For Jay, Jasmine and I made the board game below. It is a keyboard and the game all revolves around his work. On an orange square you have to pick a card from the deck. Some are good, like daddy comes home early - move ahead 10 spaces, while others are bad, like manager called a late meeting and you miss supper - go back 5 spaces... and so on. You also have to follow the directions on the board game itself, like do 10 jumping jacks, kiss your neighbour or sing a song. Jasmine wrote out about half of the cards and came up with many of the ideas, including go back 393 squares, just kidding, go back 5! She thought that was sooo funny!

These were the Valentine's that the kids gave out at school. Each was a little box you folded up and inside they put a gummy heart, a few stickers and a mini Valentine post it note package.

For lunch today, we met our good friends, The Dixons at Boston Pizza. Jay was the only one who ordered the heart shaped pizza, I guess he was in the mood for a little extra lovin' today. Jasmine has been fighting a cold the last few days, but over lunch she developed a mild fever and wasn't quite herself, so Jay snuch out to the pharmacy to get some Advil and see if she would perk up, because we did have big plans yet to come. For desert Devin had Worms N' Dirt and Jasmine had a mini-chocolate pizza, Grace chose a fruit cup - wow, you can tell she doesn't belong to me, ha, ha!

Next up, we headed to the bowling alley for the kids first ever game of bowling. It was packed at the alley and very loud with rockin' music and glowing lights. It was ideal for the kids, as they had bumpers set up in the gutters, so the kids always seemed to knock down pins. Grace and Devin had a BLAST, they were dancing around while they waited their turns and just had a great time. Jasmine bowled really well, in fact beat both her mom and Uncle Kevin, but she wasn't feeling good enough to be jumping around.

They had a handicapped score, which basically meant when you stepped over the line you were deducted 15 points. All 3 kids had some points deducted, but even with the deduction, Jasmine still hit 100 points - crazy!

So, now we are at home and the kids are taking it easy. We hope Jasmine gets a good sleep and wakes up fine, as we have a few playdates planned for tomorrow. Our nephew Olivier is supposed to be coming over in the morning and our good friends The Howleys in the afternoon for a Wiifest and supper! Sounds like the perfect way to spend Family Day to me!

Hope you all had a super Valentine's. (Notice I didn't say anything about what I got for Valentines? There is a reason for that, what do you think the consequences should be?) I'll let you know what I decide, ha, ha! Have a great Family Day tomorrow!


bamemories said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome Valentines day--love those little boxes the kids gave out--did you make them? Have a great day today.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time too Laura. Now I see that Jay is still standing today, so what was the punishment for missing Valentine's day?