Friday, February 5, 2010

Keeping busy in winter!

Often in winter we end up stuck inside with the winter blah's! So far we haven't felt that way too much. When it is a cold day, we have been having fun with our new Band Hero. The kids both love the drums, but are happy to take turns and have even been trying to sing songs like "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting" or "Ghostbusters". Jay has realized he is not very good at vocals, in fact the other night he was practicing on his own and the game kept defeating him. I always sing the vocals when we play in groups because I find I get motion sick from the scrolling (or at least that is what I tell Jay since his singing is soooo bad!) Ha, ha! I can say that because my guitar playing is horrible and I can't even do the easy level on it yet.

When we do get nice winter weather, we have been trying to get outside. These are pictures from our first skate of the year, taken a few weeks ago at the outdoor rink at the school. The kids have been taking lessons on Wednesdays and Jasmine can now glide and Devin goes out for lessons on his own (the first 3 were with dad) and he did super last week on his own, what a big boy! This first picture is our God-daughter Grace and her parents.

When we had optimum snow man building weather we headed outside to make this incredible fort, detailed with blue siding, built in seats and it's own bodyguard!

So, I hope the weather in your next of the woods has been good enough to get you outside to enjoy some winter festivities. This weekend we hope to venture to Winterlude and go for a skate on the canal (and eat a Beavertail), but we will have to see how Devin is feeling - today he woke up with a mild fever :(

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