Thursday, September 3, 2009

Schools out for summer... oops wrong song!

Devin started school this year - wow! Cliche, but he's my baby and he's all growed up! It's crazy! I still think of him as 3, even though he will be 4 in December! He likes his teacher though and mentions lots of kids from his class. Tonight I drew "railroad tracks" for his name and he traced over all of them without a fight and held his pencil properly- alleluia!

Back to work for mom as well. I'm always excited to go back to school, but I miss the freedom and easy going schedule of summer. Routine is great, but it does make me more tired being this busy. I have a good group of kids this year - lots of fun and nice! Can't beat it!
Jasmine started full days this year! Grade 1 baby! She is one tired duck let me tell you! Last night I think she cried for about an hour all told - everything upsets her or is not good enough. Once she gets used to the long day and no nap, she will be great! We knew this day would come, but that doesn't necessarily make it fun adjusting! She loves school and her writing is taking off, so cool to see! She loves her teacher, too, so all is good!
Poor daddy, he doesn't get to go to school :(

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