Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday You Old Fart!

Can I be talking about my husband? Well, he isn't that old - 35 isn't old is it? That's what I turn in a few months, too! Power tools, video games, clothes and gift cards, what more can a guy want? Okay, sex too, but we won't go there! For Jay's birthday we didn't do much, but his brother, Greg did make it over to enjoy some Mario Karting on the Wii and the kids did make him a special Spiderweb cake (that's what they called it - they are so easy to please).

Everything Good about my husband:
His absolute best quality is that he is an amazing dad! Sorry to all you other guys out there, but he is the best! He loves to play: play video games, computer games, board games, do puzzles, play at the park, run around, be a tickle monster... plus he does everything else too, like bath the kids, read them stories in the coolest of voices, watch movies with them, get up with them in the middle of the night, wipe their bums (almost done with this one), cleans up the puke, rubs their growing pains... he does it all and he does it without a second thought! He is a natural and I L-O-V-E him for it! Plus he gets up with them on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and I get to sleep it, you can't beat that!
Next, he is undoubtebly honest! He can not tell a lie and it is an amazing feeling to have this level of trust in someone. He would not, could not hurt a fly (okay that is not true because he has had to kill the mice in our attic when the trap caugh them only by the leg, but lets just say he did it for me!)
He is extremely smart and it makes teaching math that much easier, any problem I have trouble with he can help me solve it! Any money issues, he can figure it out. Any statistics need rolling up on dice and analyzed to the 100th degree, he is all over it! He is extremely dedicated to his work and integrity of his product is highly important. He doesn't like to disappoint anyone!
He is in good shape, not like he has a 6 pack or anything, but he can run 10 km without even training for it - sick! He can do 50 "real" push ups (he says 40, but I know if he had to he could do 50), oh and did I mention... he has his second degree black belt in karate, yeah!
He loves me! He loves me! He loves me!
Okay, so now for the bad things: I could go on to say nothing, but then I would be lying, sorry Jay!
Jay is not a putterer, he works so hard at work and spend so much time with the kids, then I get the rest of his time... so the house is often falling apart! We anxiously wait for our dads to come and help fix the place back up. (My dad is coming in 2 weeks, yahoo! Maybe the hole in my basement roof will get fixed?) Cars only get cleaned or maintained when relatives come to visit or they need a drive clean test (which is overdue). AND I mow the lawn!
What else? Hmmm... I can't think of anything, can you?
So, I will stop there and wish my other half a belated birthday! I know it wasn't too exciting and we owe you a night of Pizza Hut, but hopefully you know how much we love you! Happy Birthday, Jay!

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bamemories said...

Well, wish your hubby a happy birthday from me--I guess 35 isn't that old, it better not be 'cause in 3 weeks time, I'm going to be that YOUNG too!