Thursday, June 2, 2011

What am I doing?

There is a new man in my life and his name is Wesley Wood.  Oh, I'm not at all in love with him, actually on the first date I think I told him I hated him, twice!  Wesley is my new personal trainer... it all makes sense now doesn't it!  I felt very guilty when I said I hated him, it was more the squats and burpees I hated, but since then I have decided I should just grin and bare it, as I am paying him big bucks to do this to me.

I've been going for only 2 weeks, although it seems longer.  The first session was a fitness test and measurements session and then we got into the good stuff.  After the first "real" session, which was an arms workout, I had insanely stiff quads the next day.  I know, quads aren't even in your arms, but stairs were my nemesis that day.  (As part of the circuit he had me doing squats with dumbbells and hammer curls on the bosu ball). So, two days later, it happened.... he made me cry.  Well, who wouldn't have honestly.  My legs were in such pain from my "arm" workout that when he made me do lunges, leg curls, leg press, squats and then finally burpees, well my legs just couldn't take it and out the tears came.  Wesley didn't hug me or make me feel better, he simply said... "3 more".  He's not mean or nasty, no Jillian Michaels swearing in your face, thank God, but he makes you push it the best you can and that's why I'm there.

Right now he is working on building my cardio endurance of which I have zero, so it's a quick learning curve.  This week he wants me to run 5 km without stopping and tell him how fast I can do it.  I mean, seriously, I took a running room course on how to run 5 km and it took me 10 weeks.  Now on week 2, I'm just expected to do it and of course, he doesn't believe in 10 and 1's (run for 10 and walk for 1) that doesn't exist in his world!  He said maybe 10 and 10's (run for 10 minutes and walk for 10 seconds) - he's so funny!

So, I'm thinking of my... yes, handsome new man right now, because once again I can hardly walk and actually I can't even straighten my arms my biceps are hurtin' so bad!  I'm a glutten for punishment as I bought 24 sessions, oh, dear!  Next week he has me trying out a group class and then on Tuesday I am meeting him at Terry Fox Hill.  Anyone who knows this place, just laughed out loud, because they all know I am in for pain that day.  This is the toboggan hill in winter and it is nasty - I am just going to HATE Tuesday!  Sigh- let me just say all this effort better pay off!

The goal... to be less tired and have more energy.  Same goal as before, but when the healthier nutrition didn't totally fix my problem, I realized I had to take the next step.   I'm hoping that with this many sessions and all his homework in between, I will become strong enough that I will be able to exercise easier and who knows, *whisper* maybe I will even like it? 

Today when I was shaving my legs, I felt a ridge on my leg... I think it was a muscle? - SWEET!


Anonymous said...

Keep on going girl. I am getting inspired to do more than just hold Jake, maybe I will find that yoga mat and get back into some pilates! Tone up some areas that are not quite so toned anymore!

You will become stronger, leaner, more able! I have faith in you and Wesley. Maybe you can call him Wesley Crusher - and go on a whole Star Trek Next Generation tangent, like he may not have heard any of those jokes before? :)

You are a survivor - play power girl music here! You can do it!


Arcadinius said...

This is your husband here. First, I'm really proud of you- you're doing great! And yes, I'm still laughing when I think about Terry Fox hill, but I've already done my penance there so I'm allowed.

Second, Miss English Teacher, I really hope you meant grin and "bear" it, because otherwise, I'm going to have to come supervise these sessions!