Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday DAD!

What is it that makes dads so special?  Every dad is different, and well... some just aren't so special, but my dad is a truly special guy.  Part of why he is so special is that he is admired in his community, respected, revered by some as a "healer of his people".  This always left his girls with a great sense of admiration for their dad.  As we became parents, we saw what truly made this man great and that is his heart... it's pretty huge!  He wants what is best for everyone and will do what he can to help them get it, whether it is a patient in need of advice, a friend in need of handy guy, a daughter in need of a listening ear or a grand-child in need of a hands on activity, Dr. Shadbolt, Murray, Dad, Grampa is there. 

At our house, Dad always has a project, usually bigger and grander than what we need done, but whether it's a deck, a leaking toilet or air in the tires, you can be sure it will get done when he is here to visit.  We've actually contemplated flying him out here once a year just to help us get work done around the house.

The grandkids love Grampa because he likes to do stuff, particularly build things like kites, model airplanes and  paper mache trees.  He'll read you a book, watch your favorite cartoon, teach you to ride a bike, eat your freshly baked cookies and even play Superhero squad on the Wii when Devin is cheating.

As a father-in-law, he is the go to guy.  It doesn't matter what question you've got, you can ask dad: medical advice for sore knees, handyman stuff like how to fix the hole in the basement ceiling or just guy stuff like .... um, never mind, I won't go there.

Dad, sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate your big 6-0 - we did seriously think about it.  It was unfortunately a lot of traveling for such a short time.    We are happy to know we get to spend New Years with you this year - we haven't spent New Years together since, hmmm.... well I'd say since before we had kids, so a really looong time.  We'll be sure to plan something special!

Here are a few pictures that I could find to remind you of some special times with the family.  I do have a package to send you, but am not quite done it yet and I didn't really realize when I started it how much of a restricted diet you were on, so I am wondering whether I should just do you a favor and eat the Big Turk out of there?  Let me know if I can help you out with that ;)  I can't eat it either, maybe the kids will have to do it for you - they'll probably hate that, ha, ha!  Have a GREAT weekend celebrating with friends and family!

Waiting for his turn to bowl.

Ready to get a strike

Building a paper mache tree for Jasmine's birthday

Pushing Jasmine on the air mattress at Cypress

Taking Allison out for kayak ride in Parksville

Hanging out with his boys.  Scooter riding in Tofino, BC.

The love of his life - mom!

Which grandchild is this?  Who knows, I'm pretty sure I've got one similar to this with every grandbaby you ever had!

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