Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

This Halloween seemed to sneak up on us so fast. I had to make the popcorn balls the day of Halloween and it was a bit of a rush, so kids didn't get to help as much as I would like. Same with pumpkin carving, we seemed busy so it just got stuck in the schedule and done quite quickly unfortunately. I don't think the kids noticed, they still had fun even though everything was quick and short.

Devin loved his dragon costume and his teacher said he wore it all morning, even with the hood up - wow! Today he was roaring around and even letting out dragon farts, where he basically stuck the dragon tail in your face and pretended to toot - he thought that was hilarious! For trick or treating we met up with friends we haven't seen in a long time, Anna and Graham, even though they live right across the street - it was nice for the kids to get to spend some time together again (last year they were at daycare together everyday, so it has been a big change to not see them). We turned off all the lights and trick or treated to our closest neighbours altogether and then Jay took the kids out and I stayed at home. It makes sense since I teach in the neighbourhood, I knew most of the kids who came to the door, so it was fun for me, too! Jay said our kids were pretty nice and polite in general, but that Devin did like being at the front of the line as opposed to the back and of course he did not like houses that played scary music.

It wasn't too long before our good friend Grace showed up and then I believe they hooked up with Avery and Nolan, too (I wasn't there to get pictures of that though :() - so in the end they were one rather large group of cute little trick or treaters! Kids were home and eating candy by 8:00 - I'm glad they napped yesterday!
Hope you all had a great Halloween!

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Jay said...

for the record, Devin had no problem with the scary music houses- he sprinted up their walkway just like any other candy-dispensing residence on the block. His big problem was when the crowds in front of the house got too big and I think he ended up leaving a few places without getting any treats! But his awesome sister Jasmine stayed behind with him for a few houses until he got back in the groove.