Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gotta' Love Saunders Farm

When fall comes there are so many things to choose from. Simple things from raking leaves, going apple picking or heading to Saunders Farm. My mom and dad were in town and had never been, so we thought it was the perfect adventure!
I hadn't been in a few years and it seemed to me that many of the climbing structures were new. Such good quality, unique and just plain fun!

I think this was Princess Pumpkin above and below are a couple of pictures from Twi-Fright. Seriously, I loved this show. If you have read the Twilight series, then it is just too funny! Smella Yawn meets Deadward in the town of Spoons, Ontario - priceless humor. The kids loved all the musical numbers and the costumes were great fun!

Saunder's Farm also has these crazy mazes, must be close to a dozen of them and below is the most awesome pirate ship!

I don't even have pictures of everything... ginormous slide, corn shooting, beaver tails and more. We had a great little adventure with mom and dad and celebrated fall the way it should be done with a cool trip to the farm!

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