Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An on it goes with nutrition information

So, if you have been reading you know I have been seeing a nutritionist, I should really give her a shout out for those of you who liked what she had to say... hi Rachel Hewitt.  She is going on maternity leave right away, so consider her for a clean start this fall maybe.  Anyhow.... I've been doing lots of reading and have started following a number of other blogs about eating well.  Check out my blogroll on the side of the blog to see other blogs including these two: Oh, She Glows and Sweet Potato Chronicles

A couple of weeks ago I set some more specific goals and this week I made a tracking chart to help hold me accountable and hung it in my bedroom beside my future board.  The future board has all the things I want to do and accomplish in my life on it.  After being on holidays, I got to cross of snorkeling - yeah!

I know I have made lots of great changes, but it still doesn't feel like enough,  mostly because I know I am not being consistent enough to see any real results.  I've been maintaining my weight and over time have lost a tiny bit, but not what I need to.  So, after some more contemplating, I've decided the next step is to see a "life coach" of sorts.  Someone who can help me deal with other issues at the same time. I mostly know what I have to do, I've done exercise programs and now have the nutritional information I need, but yet I don't have the willpower or determination to do it all the time - how come?  I hope she will help me find out.  I've also got lots of anxiety issues that prevent me from doing other things I might like... like the zipline.  It wasn't that I wouldn't have given it a shot, but once you did one, you had to do the whole circuit, which was 18 ziplines - I was way too scared to commit to that.  I'm not so worried about things like ziplining though compared to everyday types of things.  I get worked up very easily about all types of situations that I do not feel in control of, so I hope I can conquer a few other issues as I continue through this process of living life to the fullest!

Thanks for all the support through this process.  Keep sending me healthy recipes to try!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
Seeing a life coach is a great idea for anyone really. My secret confession (well perhaps not so secret) is that I did see a psychologist to try to help me deal with my work stress and inevitably we ended up talking about my need to clean the kitchen floor all the time :) I thought it was quite enlightening at times, and offered some insight into my thought process. I hope your sessions allow you some clarity and opportunity to work through some of your anxiety. If you need someone to help out in some exercises, let me know - well I am not sure I could do a zip line right now myself, but other thought exercises might be a better fit :)

Take care.