Monday, December 21, 2009

Could December BE any crazier?

Wow, December is busy and it's not even over yet. Let's see where did the month start? ... Well, this technically wasn't December, but November 29th is awfully close and this is too important of an event not to cover... The Grey Cup! I still have students in the hallway coughing as they say, "you lost" or "Saskatchewan Sucks", all in good fun of course and mostly all grade 7 & 8's that I don't teach anymore. Not many kids I still teach are that rude to me, as I still have to grade them. We hosted a small Grey Cup Party. Pam, Kevin and Grace attended along with Jay's friend Dale from D & D. It's always a treat to have Dale come over, as he is a very good chef. For the party he made guacamole and last time he brought home made pickles, I am dilling my eggs in the leftover pickle juice right now, anyhow... Jasmine helped decorate by making little signs and hanging them all along the hallway. The kids all cheered with pom poms, screeched and ran around, it didn't take long before we made them go downstairs. As most of you know, the game was good, real good in fact, until the last 10 seconds when we realized the Roughriders CAN'T COUNT! 13 men on the field for a penalty, which meant Montreal got to kick, again, after they missed and WE WOULD HAVE WON, boo, hoo!

I can't get my blog software to work correctly with my new computer and Jay is currently sleeping with Devin on his lap - don't ask! If I keep adding photos now, they will all go at the beginning of my blog entry and I can't make them move for some reason - then my December will sound even crazier than it is, so I guess I will just start another post with the next stuff in it and this time I will be smarter and work backwards. If it doesn't work, just read the blog backwards and you should hear santa like messages, I mean satanic messages, no santa messages would be more appropriate being small children could be reading this.

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Pamela said...

I too am hearing my share of Rider jeers at my work, mostly from the two Montreal fans. Can't help taste, I guess :)
Nice shot of me, what the heck is in my lap!
Satan and Santa talk about a Church lady reference there - bringing back the 80's!
I am assuming that your December will slow down once your in-laws come down. Well I can hope at least. Our December has become less busy or we have become more drunk :)

Take care Laura, will anticipate your subliminal messages from Bealzebub in the next blog entry!